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Buy Superior Quality Vitamin B17 Amygdalin Amigdalina Tablets Capsules 500mg safely made under the purification and crystallization process that together assure the formation of a pure crystalline white powder that complies with the physical and chemical properties of amygdalin exactly as described in the Merck index.    

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 DISCLAIMER Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult their physician before taking any substance, including AMYGDALIN AMIGDALINA (Laetrile-Vitamin B17.) As with all Nutritional Supplements , RESULTS VARY from patient to patient and OPINIONS regarding choices and effectiveness DIFFER. You are strongly encouraged to consult all sources possible for information confirming and contradicting anything you have read here. This INFORMATION, offered as such ONLY, is NOT intended as a substitute for consulting your physician. Any treatment to be undertaken should come under the direction of a qualified health practitioner familiar with this Nutritional Supplement.